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Holiday Season Tips for Your Pet’s Safety


Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is fast approaching! Make sure you keep your pets safe this year by helping them avoid these holiday dangers.

1) Chocolate: One of the number one dangers for your pet around the holidays is chocolate. If your pet ingests chocolate (any type), he or she will need emergency care right away. In chocolate, theobromine and caffeine are the elements which make it toxic for your pet. Any ingestion of chocolate warrants a trip to the veterinarian.

If your pet does ingest chocolate, toxicity signs may include vomiting, diarrhea, distended abdomen and restlessness. If your pet it left too long before intervening, his or her signs may progress to hypertension, slowed heart rate, increased breathing rate, seizures or coma may also occur. This can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Keep all chocolates, candies and enticing treats out of your pet’s reach this holiday season to make sure that your special friend stays safe and healthy.

2)Seasonal Decorations: Garland, ribbon, Christmas lights, ornaments and all of the other pretty holiday decorations in your house can pose a health hazard for our furry friends. Ingestion of these items can lead to gastrointestinal upset or blockage. Christmas light strings can be dangerous to your pet as well, leading to electrical shock or entanglements.

We all love a decorated house, but just keep in mind that these decorations may be enticing to our furry friends.

3) Leftovers and holiday dinners: While you are enjoying your holiday feast, be sure that your furry pal does not have access to it too. Bones can cause gastrointestinal issues such as upset, or even blockage. Any fatty portions or meals can cause pancreatitis or even further issues. We suggest saving your friend a special pet friendly treat for the holiday, such as a dog or cat treat instead.

We wish you and your family (two and four legged alike) a safe a happy holiday!


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