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Lost a pet? Found a pet? We can help!


Is your pet missing? Have you found a lost pet? We can help!

Our beloved animal companions can go missing for many different reasons.
Use the following tips to help!

If you have lost your pet:

  • Identify when your pet would have gone missing.
  • Search your house and yard thoroughly. Sometimes pets may hide in inconspicuous areas. (Check areas such as closed rooms, behind furniture,etc.)
  • Make your neighbours aware, and have them keep a close watch on their yard/houses in case your pet is close to home.
  • If you are unable to find your pet yet, find current photos of your pet and post them to social media (ie. Facebook pages). The general public is typically extremely helpful in spreading the word about a lost animal.
  • Call local veterinary clinics, and provide them with information about the pet (Name, age, Breed, Distinguishing marks, area they went missing, etc.)
  • Here at Heritage Hills Veterinary Clinic, we keep a log of all pets that have been lost or found.
  • Aside from veterinary clinics, there are two reliable to check in case someone has found and turned in your pet. For pets found outside of Edmonton City Limits, the Edmonton Humane Society accepts lost pets and will be posted on their website. Animal Care and Control is for pets found within the City Limits of Edmonton.

If you have found a pet:

  • Check to see if the pet has a collar on with contact information for their owners.
  • Bring the pet to a veterinary clinic to have the pet scanned for a microchip or tattoo. This service is provided at no charge.
  • Once determined if the pet is permanently identified, then the process will begin to reunite the pet with his or her owners.
If you have any questions, or more helpful tips on lost and found pets, give us a call at:

-Your veterinary health care team at Heritage Hills Veterinary Clinic