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Pet Health Tips for Autumn

imagesIt is hard to believe that the fall season is upon us already with winter just around the corner. As we begin to prepare ourselves for the onset of the upcoming seasons it is also important that we recognize the transition that our furry friends go through as well. We are here to give you a few tips on how to keep your pets happy and healthy through the quickly changing seasons.

Some of the common concerns that owners have during this season are discussed below.


1) Exercise and Weight Management
With winter around the corner your pets activity level will probably decrease significantly over the coming months. Take advantage of the beautiful fall days and go for a run, toss a Frisbee, or take your pet to the local dog park. Try to maintain some level of exercise for your pets over the winter to avoid excess weight gain.

2) Eating Human Foods
With the holidays we usually indulge in some pretty spectacular meals but it’s important to think about what our pets might find their way into. Bones from turkey or chicken as well as fatty foods can not only cause intestinal blockages and problems for your pets digestive system, but also leave them feeling ill for days from eating rich foods that they are not used to. A more well known hazard is chocolate, which is highly toxic to our pets.

3) Arthritis
Just like us our pets can suffer from arthritis more during the winter months. Cold weather can lead to increased pain from arthritis caused by inflamed joints. If your pets are having trouble moving, moving slower than usual, or whimpering when they move, or just seems generally uncomfortable they may be suffering from seasonal arthritis.

4) Allergies
Fall weather can bring about all whole new set of allergies. Mold, grass, and dust are some common allergens. Look for signs like scratching, biting, chewing, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and hives or rashes.

We wish you all a safe and happy fall season!

If you have any concerns about your pets or would like more information about any of these topics feel free to contact us at the clinic and we will be happy to assist you. Also remember to like us on facebook for more pet health tips!