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Caring for your Senior Pet

senior dogJust like people, as our pets age they enter into their senior years. As they enter into this life stage, there are some important changes in their care that you should be aware of. To help your pet stay happy and healthy as they age, we have compiled some great tips on senior pet care !

Increased Veterinary Care
Our pets age much more quickly than we do which means that illness or disease can happen suddenly. Due to this, an important component of senior pet care is increased visits to the clinic. You should consider semi-annual wellness examinations instead of annual visits. This will help us recognize signs of illness or other problems can be detected early and treated. Senior pet exams are similar to those for younger pets, but are more in depth, and may include dental care, blood work, and specific checks for physical signs of diseases that are more common in senior patients.

Diet and Nutrition
Senior pets often require specialized diets or nutritional supplements. The Veterinarian may suggest a specific food based on your pets health concerns.There are many different options for senior pets so be sure to check out your options.

Weight Control
Weight gain in senior pets can increase the risk of many health problems. Drastic weight loss is also a big concern so it is important to maintain a healthy weight for your pet.

Maintaining Mobility
As with older people, keeping older pets mobile through appropriate exercise helps keep them healthier and happier. If your pet is having difficulty with mobility or seems painful they may be experiencing arthritis, there are many options to help keep your pet comfortable despite this problem.

Your pet’s vaccination needs may change with age. Be sure to discuss this with the Veterinarian to make an appropriate plan for your pet.

There are many resources available to help your pet age gracefully and our team would be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have !