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Spring time is here!


 Be prepared for Spring time!

From all the staff at Heritage Hills Veterinary Clinic, we hope you have had a wonderful winter! Spring has arrived and we would like to help you and your pet be prepared.


Vaccinations are an important to ensure that your pet is protected against potentially fatal and contagious disease. Pets will require annual boosters of vaccinations, and every 3 years for Rabies, when appropriate.


Worms? Yuck! Unfortunately, parasites and worms are more common than you think. If your pet goes outside, he or she is at risk for contracting these. To help your pet stay covered against pesky parasites, ask us how we can help you set up a preventive deworming schedule for your pet!

Seasonal Allergies

Did you know that pets can suffer from allergies and sensitivities? Many household dusts, outdoor grasses and even foods can cause your pet to, unfortunately, have allergic reactions.

Does your pet show signs of allergies? These can include skin irritations, ear infections, gastro intestinal upset, and more. If so, contact our clinic and we will be sure to provide your pet the relief that they need to be comfortable and to enjoy the warmer weather.

We thank you for choosing Heritage Hills Veterinary Clinic.
As always, we strive to provide the best care for you and your pets.

Have a great spring time!