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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Happy_ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving coming up soon we would just like to remind owners of a few important health tips for your pets.

While we indulge in some big meals and tasty treats during this time it is important to remember that our pets can’t handle this type of food the way we can. Some pet’s can be very sensitive to fatty foods like turkey and ham and develop pancreatitis as a result. Turkey and chicken bones are also a hazard as they can cause damage or an obstruction internally. So although we might feel bad leaving out our furry family members from the thanksgiving feast, it is better for their overall health that we skip their serving.

Thanksgiving is also a time when we may have friends and family over that our pets are unfamiliar with. Be aware that if you have a particularly nervous pet you may want to keep them in a safe quite area to help keep them calm.

Most of all we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday !