We are proud to offer a broad range of veterinary diagnostic services to help manage the ongoing health of our patients.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of medical conditions, including emergencies and general medicine.

To serve you better we can perform many diagnostic procedures in-house, which allows us to quickly get the answers we need to diagnose and begin treatment for your pet.


Radiography is an essential diagnostic tool used in veterinary medicine.

It involves taking images of an animal’s internal structures using X-rays.

These images can help veterinarians diagnose and treat various medical conditions, such as broken bones, tumors, foreign objects, abdominal issues, cardiac issues and respiratory issues.

We offer on-site x-ray services.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are an important aspect of veterinary medicine, providing valuable information that can help diagnose and treat various medical conditions in animals.

These services include various types of tests and analyses that can be performed on blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids or tissues.

We offer the following lab services: complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry analysis, urinalysis, fecal examination, cytology and microbiology.

These tests can be performed on-site or sent out to specialized labs for more in-depth testing. The results are typically available within a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of test being performed.


Allergies are a common medical issue that affects many pets. Just like humans, pets can experience allergies to various substances in their environment, such as pollen, trees, shrubs, grass dust, mold and certain foods.

Symptoms of allergies in pets can include eye irritation, itchiness, redness or inflammation of the skin, gastrointestinal upset and respiratory issues.

Diagnosis involves performing tests on your pet’s skin or blood to identify specific allergens.

We provide advice and guidance on best practice to treat and manage your pet’s allergies.